Yoga is an age-old Indian life philosophy and it offers a variety of ways to get a healthy body and a strong mind. At Powerhouse040 you can follow Yin Yoga classes. The Yin Yoga classes are based on the method invented by Paul Grilley. Yin Yoga is a slow kind of yoga with relaxing positions. This form of yoga is very suitable in addition to the intensive Crossfit classes.

De Yin yogalessen gebaseerd op de methode van de Paul Grilley. Yin yoga is een langzame vorm van yoga met rustige houdingen. Deze vorm van yoga is uitermate geschikt als aanvulling op de intensieve CrossFit trainingen (Yang).


The classes consist of a sequence of different positions (asanas) which form a whole. Perfect positions are not important. What's important is that you get to know your own body (and mind). Yin yoga will improve your flexibility, balance, mobility and strength. You will notice that your stamina will increase and that this is a perfect addition to every other aspect of your life. 


Because we pay a lot of attention to our focus and breathing, you don't just improve your physical health but also your mental health. You will notice that you will have better focus and that you won't become restless. You will also be able to practice at home. 


The classes are suitable for beginners and (more) advanced practitioners. Feel free to discuss your background with the teacher, to make sure you can get the most out of the classes. 

If you would like to practice more than just during our classes, contact us or the teacher, to discuss a personal course.

Our Yoga class is on:

Sunday: 11.00 - 12.00